Cyprus is an EU country with a favorable tax regime and straight forward incorporation process. The Cypriot taxation regimes abides by EU laws and is in line with OECD recommendations. Corporate income tax is levied on the net profits at the current rate of 12,5%. However, in cases where the company is managed and controlled from outside Cyprus and it does not carry on business in Cyprus, the company is tax exempt.

The Island offers a reliable legal framework and regulatory system which is fully compliant with the EU, FATF, and the OECD. Cyprus has signed a number of international tax agreements and was an early adopter of CRS.

International businesses may be operated in Cyprus under a number of legal structures, including private limited liability companies, partnerships, branches of overseas companies and alternative investment funds

Main Key Features-Cyprus Companies:

  • One shareholder as a minimum (foreign individual, corporate and nominees are allowed)
  • Corporate director allowed;
  • No Requirement for secretary but advisable for registrar liaison purposes;
  • Records are Publicly available but not beneficial ownership;
  • shareholders meetings can be held anywhere;
  • Audited financial statements and annual return must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies in English
  • Re- domiciliation permitted
  • Corporate taxation rate: 12.5% (resident companies)
  • Profit on sale of titles (as defined by the Income Tax Law): 0% Corporate Tax
  • Investment income from dividend: 0% Corporate Tax
  • Withholding tax on dividends for foreign beneficial owners: 0%
  • Capital gains tax: 0% (except for real estate situated in Cyprus and the sale of shares representing real estate in Cyprus)
  • Double taxation treaty access: with over 50 countries

If you want to expand your business you just need to calltextemail us

If you want to expand your business you just need to calltextemail us