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The UAE has an open economy and boasts a high per capita income. As a business hub,the UAE has continued investing in strategic infrastructure and transportation projects to support the growing service sectors and ensure a stable and sustainable economic future.


The British Virgin Islands is home to more than 400,000 companies that hold $1.5 trillion in assets. You wouldn’t know it if you walked through Road Town, the capital of this Caribbean archipelago. Companies in the BVI are regularly used as investment fund structures, investment business companies and insurance companies, but the most common use is group holding companies.


Due to its attractive tax system, Cyprus is often a first-choice jurisdiction for the registration of companies aiming at trading with European Union customers and / or holding EU subsidiaries and other assets.

Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a high-reputable international finance and international business center due to its political stability, business-friendly policies and an attractive fiscal and regulatory environment.


Minimal set-up costs and annual maintenance fees. No need to deposit a paid-up capital. Not subject to any form of tax or duty on profits or income.

If you want to expand your business you just need to calltextemail us

If you want to expand your business you just need to calltextemail us


March 2020